Say not, “I have found the truth,”
but say rather, “ I have found a truth.”
Kahlil Gibran

At Native Sedona we shall endeavor to seek “a truth,” a way of walking in the world that allows each one to become, to share in the beauty of what has become and to teach one another how to move into that place of “truth.”

With the aid of tours, hikes, ceremony, meditation we will learn a “way”of being, a simplicity, a oneness that encompasses all.

The meditation will be an exercise in the art of focusing; of beginning to ‘see’ the energies of the Earth – the life force that some call auras. The ‘Old Ones’ say we are a society of seekers; looking everywhere for something that was lost. It is all around us if we only have the eyes to ‘see’. Clearing the mind of unwanted thoughts, patterns, beliefs is the beginning of that process.

Meditation is an outward expression of the soul. Cleansing the soul is as simple as looking at a rock.

We will be your guides up to Hopiland, to Navaholand and the Grand Canyon or we will aid you in getting in touch with the best certified native guides on Hopi and Navaho land. Locally, we will help to connect you with the energies of the earth through teachings and show you how to become one with that life force.

Here in Sedona we understand that to heal, we must work with the body, the mind and the spirit to attain that goal. We will guide you to people we believe will best aid you in that endeavor.

Say not, “I have god in my heart,”
but rather say, “I walk in the heart of all creation.”
Mario Cruz