Mario Cruz is a Yaqui journeyman  who has travelled the world sharing the Earth ways and how to connect and truly experience the beauty and wonder of spirit, energy and the natural and super-natural worlds. Mario is an artist and loves to share the beauty and wisdom of his native heritage through artwork and also through storytelling. His sacred artwork includes the creation of Anishinaabe style 7 sided hand drums, traditional dreamcatchers, paintings, jewelry and screen print designs that represent the sacredness of life. He is a sacred pipe carrier with the gifts of healing and with nearly 40 years of in living and working in the sacred land of Sedona, holding Inipi and tour guiding, he loves to share and help understand the energy flows of Sedona and ways to walk in beauty.

The old ones say we live seven lives in this one lifetime... I believe I am on my fourth one. My life has been one of creating art. From early beginnings copying characters onto Tees with magic markers for friends, into my teens and later silk screening native designs. In December of '86 I came to Sedona and began my third life... from then until the summer of '93 I learned all I could about energy and healing and everything in between. It was then that I was asked to become a Sundancer.  I learned from Spirit all that I was asked to...... the greatest being the ability to step back and allow Spirit to work through me. I became a water pourer for the Inipi...continued creating art, paintings and designs and shared the stories of the old ones and ways to walk in beauty. I also began to  make  hand drums in the Anishinaabe style ... 
I hope that you enjoy my artwork. Mario Cruz